Our colleague "Paul Page"
My colleagues from the "nymphe strandhotel" would be very concerned about some pictures
from me in my new home, the closest resort or in an unusual place.
Send the photo with location & date to: info@hotel-nymphe.de
Thank you,
your Paul Page

Here are some impressions & pictures of my trip:

Paul shortly before his departure with Ms. Lütt
In October 2013
I'm going away ... have a good time, for me it's all right.
From my trip I will tell you many places in Germany.
Greetings to your Paul Page, in 2014 we will meet again, no question.
(Rhymed by Frau Lütt)

Paul on the Hexentanzplatz in the Harz
By Familie Maaß in October 2013
Paul & his new friends
In the bathroom of Mr. Bauer
Herne / Ruhr area in October 2013
Paul in the autumnal garden of the Baumann family
In November 2013
Paul on the beach of La Palma
By Mrs Jacobsen and Mr Lubinski
In October 2013
Paul with friends
"Thank you for sending me to the family Lühmann on the great trip to Hamburg in'Bad Berne'.
I have found many new friends in a great feel-good atmosphere.
Yours, Paul "
By Mr Lühmann in November 2013
Paul in Tenerife
In November 2013
Paul in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)
By Mrs Lütt in November 2013


Paul in the garden of our family Wolf
In November 2013
Paul on safari in Namibia
With Mrs. Hutzler & Mr. Jäggle in October 2013


Nadine Sperber & Sven Scholz with their "Pauli" in the Egypt holiday
Christmas 2013
Ms. Lütt & your Paul wish ...
A good start to the new year and an equally successful and exciting year 2014


Paul in the festively decorated Christmas tree
Anxiously awaiting the New Year's Eve party 2013/2014 at Mrs. Krämer in Bad Doberan
Paul on the frozen Baltic Sea beach
By Viola & Olaf Lange in January 2014
Paul Page- Richter in the Kitzbühel Alps
In January 2014 with our regular family judges
"Hurra, my new owners have taken me along, I was in the ski & snowboard holiday & what should I tell you, I even took the so-called" Streifabfahrt "with me Because I had to stay in the jacket bag of my adoptiveltern.
Well, it should have been for now, I hope that my new owners continue to take me on trips, I would like to sign up again.
Yours sincerely, Your Paul Page-Richter "
- by Elke Richter
Paul sends winter greetings from Walchsee in Tyrol (Austria)
By our regular guests Andrea & Dirk Jakszewski in January 2014
Paul at the West Jutland North Sea near Vejlby Klit (Denmark)
With Simone & Frank Emmrich in February 2014
Paul has found social connections in Düsseldorf
With Karin & Dietmar Kutrib in March 2014
Paul with spring feelings in Bonn
With our regular guest Heike Dähring in March 2014
Paul in Abu Dhabi
With our regular guests Tatjana Range & Jürgen Panhans in March 2014
Paul on cruise in the Caribbean
With Schlüter family in March 2014
Paul on Easter holidays in Turkey
With Katja & Jan Wollenburg in April 2014
Paul at Lake Constance
With Ursula & Heinz Figgen in April 2014
Paul with his new mom Heike Lange
As a blind passenger in New York at the Brooklyn Bridge / Hudson River in July 2014
Paul on Mallorca
"Despite some homesickness," Paul has moved to Ca'n Pastilla on Mallorca
Very comfortable
With Julia Kreismann in October 2014
Paul in Neubrandenburg
With the family Ferch in November 2014
Paul in St. Egidien (Saxony)
With the family Freytag in November 2014
Paul in Hamburg
With Marcus Rexter on his 50th birthday in November 2014
Paul in Alceidesa (Spain)
with Markus Hopmeier in November 2014
Paul in Side (Turkey)
With Dirk Holst in November 2014
Paul with Beanie and our regular guests Katja & Detlef Juilfs
On the New Year's Eve celebration 2014/2015
Paul at Lanzarote in Timanfaya National Park
With Family Panter in February 2015
Paul enjoys the sunset in Krabi, Thailand
With the family Müller in February 2015
Paul on the Wallberg in Rottach Egern
With family Lepa February 2015
Paul with a wonderful sunshine in the Herrenhäuser Gärten in Hanover
With Ulrike & Herbert Hotje in February 2015
Paul on Madagascar
With Brigitte & Udo Schmidt on Madagascar February 2015
Paul in Colakli in Turkey
With Katrin & Thomas Leistikow in February 2015
Paul in Singapore
Bathe in the infinity pool with family baker in April 2015

Paul in Sydney
With Angelika v. O. from Hamburg in April 2015
Paul's twin brother with family Ulf Schröder in Sydney ;-)
In April 2015

Paul at the "Walk of Fame" in Hollywood / California
With Heike & Bernd Schermer in May 2015
Paul in Lundegard near Korshamn in southern Norway
With Philip Fischer in May 2015
Paul in Rechlin on the Müritz
With D. Hansen in May 2015
Paul in the Monument Valley in Utah
With Uta & Frank Moyseszik in May 2015
Paul in Zinnowitz on Usedom
With Katrin & Thomas Leistikow in June 2015